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Cookie policy

This document is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of the website.

To be sure that you get the most appropriate information and the best service when visiting our platform, we use the so called cookies. They help us (and other authorized third parties) to provide you with a personalized experience whenever using our services, to improve them and to offer you more relevant content.

To be sure that you understand why we use cookies, we have prepared this Cookie Policy – you will get informed what technologies we use, what they do and what choice you have in relation to their utilization.

If you don't want to accept the cookies or if you wish to select more specific settings, you may find more information in the current Cookie policy.

What's a cookie

Cookies (HTTP Cookies) are tiny text files, that can be saved to your device or browser by the web server, whenever you visit the website. During your next visit to a web page of the site, the browser sends back to the sever the information in the cookies, created this way.

Cookies are important component for correct functioning of almost every website on the internet.

For the purpose of the current policy and for maximum clarity, the term also summarizes other similar technical mechanisms, except for the HTTP Cookies, through which your browser might allow information to be locally saved, for example: Web Storage (Local Storage and Session Storage), Indexed Database API (IndexedDB), Web SQL Database, Local shared objects (Flash Cookies), Web beacons.

We and our service providers may use the following cookie types:

• Essential cookies
They are necessary for our platform to be able to execute its main functions. Thus, our platform would not be able to function without them. Such cookies are, for example: user session cookies and cookies with auxiliary functions, related to them. If you disable these cookies, you won't be able to log-in into your profile on our website, nor will you be able to complete purchases as well as almost any further actions.

• Performance and functionality cookies
These cookies are used for other important functions, for example:
• To be able to recognize you whenever you return to our platform or use our services;
• To save user preferences (for example what setting you have chosen, what city you want to review offers about, etc.);
• To be able to recommend services to you, which respond to your preferences;
• To gather information about the way users make use of our platform, so that we would be able to maintain it in the best way and to improve its services;
• For temporary saving of anonymous information, that helps us providing you with relevant offers at its best;
• For other auxiliary functions.

If you delete these cookies, our platform will be with highly restricted functionality and won't be able to function properly and to provide you with a good service quality. More information you may find here Below are some of the cookies of this type:
• _rmvrt: used for "Save me" function during login into the user profile. This cookie enables the auto login whenever the user returns to the website in future.
• _uncidn: visitor identifier.
• _srcdates: stores information about the recently selected dates during search by the user.
• _dssb: contains an indicator whether the current visitor has subscribed for a newsletter, or has selected that doesn't want to subscribe, or none has been selected; based on which data the manner of performing of some secondary functions in the platform changes.
• utm_xxxxxx: used to keep track whether a certain visitor has come through a certain type of advertisement channel or a tool.
• fmb_xxxxxx, fbsr_xxxxxx: used in connection with Facebook Login.

• Third-party cookies, aiming to count the traffic
We use several external services, which can also create cookies in your browser. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. The information inside them is anonymised. The purpose of these external services is to anonymously count statistical data about the visits on our website, so that we are able to monitor the efficiency of our services and to improve them. These external counting services are:
• Google Analytics;
• Google Tag Manager;
• Gemius.

• Third-party advertising cookies
We use several external services - advertising networks, which are also able to create cookies in yours browser. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. The information inside them is anonymised. The purpose of these external services is to provide opportunities for execution of promotion campaigns. They are able to use cookies in order to identify and personalize adds towards our platform in external websites and services. Such external advertising platforms are:
• Google AdWords;
• Facebook Ads;
• Criteo;
• AdWise;
• Trivago.

• Third-party functionality cookies
Some cookies occur also in connection with third party tools, which we have integrated into our platform. For example, Facebook API (options for Facebook Login, Facebook Like, etc.) and Google API (options for Login with your Google account, Google+ Share, See on the map, etc.), which are able to create cookies in order to function. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. From our side, we are unable to provide technical solution for disabling them. Due to this fact, if you do not want them to occur, you are not supposed to use the above external tools, integrated within our platform.

We put our efforts into diligently checking the third parties, which we have partner relationships with, to be with proven reputation and professionalism.

Set up or delete cookies

You can personally choose whether to accept the cookies or not, as well as what types of cookies you would like to accept, by the following methods:

• Settings in our platform. On the following link you can select your preferences for the cookies we use.

• Settings via your browser. You can explicitly enable or disable cookies via the settings of your web browser. Every modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) allows the following:
• settings for accepting the cookies – disable and enable (both overall and by individual website);
• overview of the generated cookies;
• deletion of the generated cookies.
It is important to mind that deactivation of cookies functionalities in the browser might lead to impossibility for you to use our services, because without the obligatory cookies our platform cannot perform its main functions.

• Settings via external tools.

• Google tool in the form of browser add-on, by which you can easily prohibit usage of your data by Google Analytics, which is often used by numerous sites for visit count and statistic information. Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on:

• Tools through which you may check the status and impose an explicit prohibition to a huge number of ad platforms to use your data in relation to targeting and ad personalization:

• Google settings related to cookies, generated and managed by them with ad purposes:

• Facebook settings in relation to cookies, generated and managed by them with ad purposes:

Changes in the Cookie policy

All eventual future changes in our Cookie policy will be published on this webpage.


If you have any queries, comments or requests in connection with this Cookie policy, you can contact us here Contacts.

Other useful links

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