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Dear partners,

Join - the first Bulgarian online system for real time hotel reservations.

By adding your accommodation property in our platform, you get the chance to:
  • boost your bookings and revenues accordingly;
  • enhance your employment level;
  • to promote yourself and advertise for free;
  • receive customer feedback;
  • build up a positive customer evaluation and increase your rating;
  • participate in a professionally developed, innovative and quickly growing online booking system.

To register your accommodation property in, it is necessary to have up-to-date temporary or permanent Categorization certificate.

Steps to join
  • You fill in the necessary data.
  • We check the information.
  • We prepare a contract, which needs to be signed by both parties.
  • After conclusion of the contract, you receive access to your own partner panel.
  • You provide the necessary information, photos, prices, available rooms and amenities
  • A specialized team reviews, corrects and approves the profile.
  • Your property is being activated and becomes visible for the users of the platform.
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