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Gift voucher
for reservations on

Give a voucher which the recipient can use to
individually book a hotel on

Закупуването на подаръчни картички в момента е неактивно.

How gift vouchers work?


To buy a voucher, select its value and enter the recipient's name. After you pay, you can print out the voucher and personally give it, or you can download it and send it online.


The recipient of the voucher should activate it and will receive its money value into the respective virtual wallet. Thus, the recipient will be able to use the amount for making reservations on one's own.


What happens if the price for the chosen reservation is higher than the value of the received voucher?
In this case, the voucher recipient can make an extra payment for the difference on

What happens if the price for the chosen reservation is lower than the value of the received voucher?
Money is not lost! The difference remains available in recipient's Virtual wallet and can still be used for future bookings.

Is there an expiration date of?
No, gift vouchers have no expiration date as well as the money in the Virtual wallet.

Can I get an invoice when purchasing a voucher?
It's not possible to issue an invoice for purchasing a voucher. The invoice may still be issued at a later stage - during check-in at the hotel/s, paid by using the gift voucher.

I got a voucher, now what?

After you activate the voucher, its money value will be loaded to your Virtual wallet on, so that you are able to use it for bookings on the website.